Where dem girls at? — Diversity within the web industry

Where dem girls at? — Diversity within the web industry

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The world of tech is a place where women are traditionally known to have been under-represented, and although it has recently been noted that women are making keen strides towards changing the future, studies still show to this day that the majority (76%!) of technical jobs are held by men (with 95% of the workforce made up of white individuals).

With the tech industry holding as much power as it does (the ability to control aspects of people’s everyday lives through the provision of communication channels among other media forms), it highlights how vital it is to have a diverse workforce to represent the similar diversity of users at the receiving end of the tech.

“The people creating this technology have the power to influence how it works, and that’s too big a responsibility for any single demographic to have full control.”

Just last year, James Damore discussed (in his controversial Google memo) how the gender gap in representation within the tech industry transpired as a result of the biologically inferiority of the female workforce — with men being naturally better at computers than women, whilst also suggesting that women are less suitable for tech. At the same time as belittling women, however, this memo, widely accused of being sexist and misogynist, was seen to also reduce men to the status of unemotional individualistic robots.

Although this memo has since been disregarded, and Damore fired by Google, this highlights the importance and necessity for women to change the future, rising up against these hurdles and joining the tech industry with their heads held high.

Moving on now from the negative; let’s take a look at the positives.

According to HackerRank’s Women in Tech report, more females are learning to code than ever before. The young women of today are 33% more likely to study computer science compared with women born before 1983. As well as this, the gender gap in the age of learning to code is shrinking, with just a 7% gap between males and females (as compared to a 20% gap between older generations).

Shannon Vize identifies 5 reasons the tech industry needs more women (as well as how one might directly benefit from more gender diversity):-

  • Diversity of thought leads to better problem-solving.
  • More women in corporate leadership roles leads to increased revenue.
  • The ability to tap into the largest single economic force in the world: American women.
  • An entire marketplace lacks Tech-driven innovation.
  • The U.S. needs more Tech talent.

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  • And finally, check out the Soton Women in Web event which happens on the last Thursday of every month!

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