Adobe Live Challenge #2

Adobe held a Live challenge on Behance on the evening of Wednesday 4th April. I joined the second Live UX Design with Christine Lee and took on the challenge of designing a 3+ screen web experience for pet socials & playdates using Adobe XD and the Pawtastic UI Kit in under an hour. I played around with the font, colours and copy so it featured realistic content, also using images I downloaded from Unsplash. Once the time was up, I found out I had won the challenge (and a years subscription to Adobe CC)!


Adobe XD UI Kit Contest

Adobe released a contest on their Adobe XD Twitter account (and through the Daily UI Challenge email newsletter) to encourage people to design an account view screen using the Cooin Design digital currency UI kit for Adobe XD by Oykun Yilmaz.

I chose to create a mobile app account view screen, bringing together many different elements from the kit to present key things I'd expect to see on such a screen. I included: the wallet balance for the account; (swipeable) balances for each currency; credit card info; bank account info; and buttons for withdrawals and deposits. I also created a transaction page which would be accessed by pressing the down arrow to view more details about the account in question. This screen features a slider on the right-hand side so users can navigate through recent dates.


Adobe Live Challenge #1

For the first Adobe Live on Behance, the challenge was to create a 5-screen recipe sharing mobile app concept on Adobe XD using the Recipe App UI Kit provided.

As I only had approximately 25 minutes left of the challenge once I joined, I chose to really make use of the kit's elements and adapt them appropriately for my design, by changing the font, colours and copy. I also used images from Unsplash and Pixabay. I chose the colour scheme based on the most common colours I found in the images. I made sure to include examples of real content so the prototype would seem more realistic.


UI Case Study

As part of a 15 CAT unit for my MSc Digital Design course at Southampton Solent University, I had been tasked with defining a design problem to be solved and creating a 6-screen clickable prototype that suggests a solution. I chose to redesign the wish list feature for the Amazon Shopping mobile app.


Research Matchmaker

I worked over a 6 week period to create a digital prototype for a research matchmaker platform. This involved: user analysis, task analysis, comparative analysis, identifying features required, information architecture, interaction design, user journeys, screen flows, and wireframes. The high-fidelity prototype was then created (with constant iterations throughout the process) and a workshop was held featuring a presentation and a usability test of the prototype (which was conducted with approximately 20 individuals from the relevant industries).