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How times have changed: the transformation of digital

Technology has come a long way in the past few decades; some would say it’s taken over our lives (and our jobs), yet only 8% of businesses feel they have truly been digitally transformed. The same survey also revealed that another 23% of companies are still considered to be in the early stages of their…
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Where dem girls at? — Diversity within the web industry

The world of tech is a place where women are traditionally known to have been under-represented, and although it has recently been noted that women are making keen strides towards changing the future, studies still show to this day that the majority (76%!) of technical jobs are held by men (with 95% of the workforce…
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It’s time to get out more: building relationships that increase social capital

What is social capital? The term ‘social capital’ has been around for almost a century, however it has only recently become popular. Referring to the: links, shared values and understandings in society, it provides both groups and individuals with strong social contacts and the trust they need in order to effectively work together. It is…
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