Adobe Live Challenge #2

Adobe Live Challenge #2

Adobe held a Live challenge on Behance on the evening of Wednesday 4th April. I joined the second Live UX Design with Christine Lee and took on the challenge of designing a 3+ screen web experience for pet socials & playdates using Adobe XD and the Pawtastic UI Kit in under an hour.

I played around with the font, colours and copy so it featured realistic content, also using images I downloaded from Unsplash. Once the time was up, I found out I had won the challenge (and a years subscription to Adobe CC)!

You can check out my prototype being featured on Adobe Live’s ‘Live UI/UX Design with Christine Lee’ episode (2 of 3) on YouTube – mine is discussed at 1:43:08 and again at 1:48:28 when they announce that I have won!

See working prototype for yourself…


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